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Located in Los Angeles, California, Transfer Ninjas has 30 years of experience and is staffed by post-production professionals who guarantee their work.  Founded in 1982, our technicians have provided top-notch services to thousands of happy customers, from Families, TV shows to radio productions, documentaries and commercials.  Our clients have included, fashion, hospitality, marketing, public relations, legal, and medical and Hollywood production companies. Transfer Ninjas specializes in converting treasured family memories into digital formats that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. We also provide video archiving for your family's special memories stored on older media such as video tapes, audio cassettes, film (8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm) and photos. We provide services such as VHS to DVD, Film to DVD, Audio Cassette to CD, photo scanning to digital and more.

Our Services:
  Video Tape Transfer
  Audio Transfer
  Film to DVD Transfer
  Photos/Slide to Digital File

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We specialize in converting treasured family memories into digital formats that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.Transfer Ninjas will treat your family’s VHS, film and audio cassettes with great care, as if they were our own ancestors (who knows, they might be!).  The average lifespan of your home VHS tapes, films and cassettes is about 10 years. Your tapes will degrade and eventually be no longer viewable. Each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your original content, it is slowly wearing out.  Also, the equipment that you use to watch and listen your VHS, tapes, cassettes and film has been replaced with CD players, iPods, DVD players and computers.  After your content is transferred to a digital format, there is no more rewinding or fast-forwarding, just go directly to your favorite scene or song.

Eliminate the very real danger that your treasured memories will deteriorate.  Your special moments can be saved on DVD or CD by our honorable ninjas with the cleanest video and audio transfers.  Dressed in black outfits that easily disappear into darkness, Transfer Ninjas are the perfect choice to transfer your VHS tapes, film reels or audio cassettes to an easy-to-use digital format.  Transfer Ninjas will protect your original content against master spies, assassins and samurais, and return it to you unharmed.

Call us today at 866-900-3827 and let us save your memories before it’s too late.